Beverages at Foolish Things Coffee in Tulsa
Beverages at Foolish Things Coffee in Tulsa

Foolish Things Coffee Co Promises a Welcome Reprieve for Techno-Addicted Tulsans

Simple pourovers to lavender lattes, and everything in-between

Local favorite coffee shop in an unpretentious industrial space on Route 66

The Vibe
A relaxed respite amid chic, industrial digs

The Crowd
Young-ish; students from TCC’s downtown campus

The Drinks
From caffeinated staples to specialty craft coffee concoctions

The Food
Housemade baked goods with heartier breakfast/lunch options too

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When Foolish Things opened in 2012 amid the no-man’s-land of downtown Tulsa’s south side, it seemed like, well, a foolish thing. Owners Justin and Katie Carpenter made a go of it anyway. More than seven years on, they’re still going strong and the cafe is a local favorite (ours too!).

Outside Foolish Things Coffee Co, Tulsa

There’s a distinct communal atmosphere here. In contrast to many modern cafes with plenty of nooks and intimate lounge areas, the entire space occupies a single, large room with tall ceilings. A handful of long tables encourages patrons — strangers and friends alike — to put down their devices and actually … talk. From Foolish Things’ own website:

Although humans have never been more easily connected, we continue to drift further from our ability to create deep organic relationships.

We carry synthetic worlds in our pockets, specifically tailored to our individual preferences and desires. We engage those worlds at our will, ignoring who and what is around us.

That might seem a bit preachy, but it’s hard to argue. While Foolish Things offers free (and fast) Wi-Fi, they actively encourage old-fashioned conversation, relaxing with a book, or sitting and collecting your thoughts over a lavender latte. On my recent visit, I saw plenty of patrons engaged in all three.

Our Take on Foolish Things Coffee Co.

On my most recent visit — a Wednesday morning just after Foolish Things opens around 7:30 a.m. — the atmosphere was quiet. Three young men gathered at a table to quietly discuss business or schoolwork. I couldn’t discern which. Another man quietly read his Kindle near the window. A few day workers came and went with a some cordial small talk with the staff.

The man behind the counter couldn’t have been nicer. I settled in with a blueberry muffin and an iced American (my go-to). Both were simple, tasty, and well-made. I had a table to myself, where I setup for a half-hour to shoot a few photos for work. It was quiet, relaxing, and a welcome change to see so few faces staring bleary-eyed into their MacBooks.

The Second Opinion

Although I usually order a simple pour-over or Americano (black, thank you), the lavender latte is really quite good. It’s smooth and aromatic (without being overly-sweet) and beautifully presented with a traditional latte art flourish. Everything here is distinguished by attention to detail and farm-fresh ingredients.

Lucas Forsythe via Tulsa Food

Need to Know

Free parking is available in the lot behind Foolish Things.

Dogs are welcome outside.

Gluten-free: YES
Vegetarian / Vegan: NO

Visit Foolish Things Coffee Co.

1001 S Main Street
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 857-2326

Visit Website

Photos from Foolish Things Coffee Co. Tulsa

Fresh Blueberry Muffin at Foolish Things Coffee Co, Tulsa
Fresh Blueberry Muffin at Foolish Things Coffee Co, Tulsa
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