Hero shot of food from SushiFork sushi restaurant in Tulsa
Creative Sushi Plates at SushiFork, Tulsa

SushiFork: Tulsa’s Most Creative Sushi Joint Where Purists Need Not Apply

Crisp, fast casual joint pushing the boundaries of modern sushi fare.

The Vibe
Bright, modern, and casual

The Crowd
Adventurous sushi fans

The Drinks
Soft drinks and coconut water

The Food
Bold, built-to-order “comfort” sushi fare

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The sprawling strip mall jungle of Tulsa Hills seems an unlikely place to find Tulsa’s most creative sushi joint. Yet, amid the city’s largest outdoor shopping complex, squeezed between a hair salon and Qdobo, is SushiFork.

SushiFork Sushi Restaurant in Tulsa

Inside, the mini chain (with a location here in Tulsa and another in Dallas) is bright and modern with a decor reminiscent of most any well-put-together fast casual restaurant looking to attract a young, unpretentious crowd. Through the front door, a jumbo-sized banner proclaims “HERE’S TO THE CRAZY ONES” — a motto that sets the tone for this decidedly different sushi joint. A dozen or so tables, booths, and counter seats provide ample seating and we’ve never seen it too crowded. Our guess is most eaters get their sushi to go or stay home and get it delivered via Grubhub.

Charred Edamame at SushiFork, Tulsa

The menu centers around a dozen or so ready-made sushi rolls with straightforward staples like California rolls, Tempura Shrimp rolls, and Spicy rolls (your choice of oily fish wrapped with cucumber, sprouts, and spicy mayo). Deeper into SushiFork’s catalog is where things get interesting, however.

Building your own roll is where things can really go off the rails. Here, sushi purists need not apply.

The Carnival, for example, is one of their flagship rolls with “spicy hot mess mix, cream cheese, jalapeno, bell pepper, tempura fried topped with spicy mayo, lime crema, sweet soy sauce, scallion, and togarashi.”

Hot Mess Sushi Roll at SushiFork, Tulsa

Likewise, the Admiral Crunch is a massive, fantastically Frankenstein’d pile that includes everything but the kitchen sink: tempura shrimp, krab mix, cream cheese, and avocado — all topped with tempura crunch, tempura krab, masago, scallion, honey truffle aioli, sweet soy sauce, and togarashi.

Seaweed Salad at SushiFork Tulsa

But, SushiFork’s motto — “you pick, we roll” — is a bold invitation to build your own, and that’s where things really go off the rails. Where the menu at most sushi restaurants includes rolls with carefully selected ingredients designed to pair well with another, SushiFork encourages offroading. You do you. One look at their a la carte offerings, and it’s hard not to imagine that a group of stoners hand-picked the menu. Sushi purists need not apply.

There are no real rules or limits to your sushi fantasies here. Pick all the proteins, fillings, and toppings you like. If a “tempura krab, eel, tofu, cream cheese, strawberry, ponzu mushroom roll topped with bacon, mango, spicy crushed Cheetos, and ghost chile spice” is what you’re into, SushiFork will make it happen.

Our Take

For on-the-go sushi lovers who appreciate a bit of culinary adventure without a lot of pretense, SushiFork delivers the most creative sushi experience in Tulsa. ¬TiOK

Need to Know

Allergen / Dietary Restrictions

Gluten-free: YES
Vegetarian / Vegan: YES

Dog Friendly: NO

8115 S Olympia Ave W #120
Tulsa, OK 74132
(918) 445-6270 Visit Website
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